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Gulgong Liquor Accord

Gulgong Liquor Accord

The Gulgong Liquor Accord meets 4 times a year to discuss alcohol related issues in Gulgong. Recently venues discussed the issues surrounding underage drinking and minor’s access to licensed venues. We can all agree that it seems like eternity when you are 17 waiting to turn 18 and be able to enter licensed venues. Laws have changed over the years to protect children and ensure venues do not allow underage drinking on their premises.

Under the three strikes laws – It should be noted that where a venue sells alcohol to a minor, there is also the possibility that their license will be suspended or cancelled. Obviously this would be extremely detrimental on the venue, the business and staff and their families.
Every venue has procedures in place to ensure underage drinking does not occur, however when a minor enters a hotel without adult supervision and the intention of drinking alcohol on the premises it can be quite difficult to control.

Therefore the Gulgong Liquor Accord has unanimously agreed and have voted to add the following to its terms in order to discourage underage entry to licensed venues.
“Anyone under the age of 18 years attempting to purchase or drink alcohol in a Gulgong Liquor Accord licensed venue will be refused entry until the age of 19 years”.
So what does this mean? If you are caught trying to purchase or drink alcohol in a Gulgong liquor Accord venue your social life may become nonexistent until your 19th birthday. Times have changed and it is not funny or cool to be kicked out of a licensed venue, you are playing with people’s livelihood and future and Gulgong licensed venues need to protect their businesses and try and discourage underage drinking. We encourage parents to talk with your children and explain the repercussions. We are hoping to visit the High School and make the Gulgong Liquor Accord terms very clear and understood.

The following terms were voted upon and adopted by the Gulgong Liquor Accord under section 134 of the Liquor Act 2007 on 11th December 2013. The agreed date of implementation is the 11th December 13. These terms will be undertaken by the members of the Gulgong Liquor Accord for the purpose of eliminating or reducing alcohol-related violence or anti-social behaviour or other alcohol related harm in the Gulgong Liquor Accord area.
Members of the Gulgong Liquor Accord will support and adhere to:

• The accords standard barring policy
• Not allowing clothing, jewellery or accessories of outlaw motorcycle related organisations on the premises
• Conducting litter patrols of streets bordering a member venue and immediate vicinity during venue trading hours
• Not selling shots (or any drink designed to be consumed rapidly) at any time for consumption in venue
• Not selling double nips at any time for consumption in venue
• Not selling RTDs containing an alcohol volume content of more than 6.5% at any time for consumption in venue
• Providing financial support, as per the agreed fees structure to the Night Rider bus service (hotels and clubs only)
• The inter-venue communications protocol
• Participating in workshops conducted or organised by the Accord
• Observance of crime scene preservation guidelines as outlined by the NSW Police

Gulgong Liquor Accord members who hold a packaged liquor licence or who can sell take away alcohol will:

• Investigate opportunities to implement a secondary supply campaign


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